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Questions? We have answers.
Check out the most commonly asked questions from Discount Power customers.

Q: Why did I receive a letter from you?
A: As mentioned in the letter, Discount Power has joined forces with US Retailers LLC dba Pennywise Power, a Retail Electricity Provider that has been serving customers in Texas since 2008.

Q: What will happen to Discount Power?
A: While initially, Pennywise Power will be your electricity provider (and your bills will display the Pennywise Power logo), in early 2019, Pennywise Power will change its name to Discount Power.

Q: Who is US Retailers LLC?
A: US Retailers LLC has been serving residential and commercial customers in Texas since 2008.

Q: Do I need to do anything on my end?
A: No. The transition to Pennywise Power will be seamless and automatic. There is no action required by you. The Evergreen customer service team is working with Discount Power to transition the accounts for our members. Your account will be transitioned in November 2018.

Q: Will I experience any interruption in my electricity service with the transition?
A: No. The transition will not cause any service interruption whatsoever.

Q: When will my service begin with Pennywise Power and when can I expect my first bill?
A: Your account will transition in November 2018. If you have an email address on file with Discount Power, you will receive notification when service begins with Pennywise Power.

Q: What will happen to my current energy charges that I am paying with Discount Power?
A: Your current energy rate will stay the same, as will all other terms of your contract including duration and early termination fees etc.

Q: Will my current plan change once my account is transitioned to Pennywise?
A: No. Your current plan including the expiration date of the plan, will remain intact. However, you will have a new account number with Pennywise Power. Your electricity service will be under the same plan structure, term length and rate and other contract terms that you had with Discount Power.

Q: Will I have a new online account with Pennywise?
A: Yes, the Evergreen customer service team will take care of setting up your new Pennywise account as we normally do for all new electricity accounts. Once this has been completed, if you need to access the Pennywise account login information, you will be able to locate this in your online Evergreen account. If you are currently set up on autopay we will also be handling setting that up for you as well.

Q: What if I want to cancel my account and not transition to Pennywise Power?
A: Your contract is still valid, and you will be charged an early termination fee as applicable in the contract if you cancel before the last date of your contract with Discount Power. Since your contract is being transitioned with no changes to the terms, you do not have the option of canceling your account. This transition is consistent with the rules of the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

Q: How do I make my final payment to Discount Power?
A: There is no need to do anything differently. Your last invoice, along with any payments for your remaining balance (for your Discount Power account), can be made in the same manner you have used to pay your previous invoices.

Q: What happens to electronic payments or automatic payments that have been set up?
A: The Evergreen Customer service team is working with Discount Power to maintain the autopayment functionality.

Q: I am enrolled on automatic bill payment through my bank. Do I need to notify them?
A: Yes. You will need to update your payment information per the remittance instructions on your first invoice with Pennywise Power. However, you will need to use your current payment information
to pay the last bill you receive from Discount Power.

Q: What happens to the credit balance I had with Discount Power?
A: Discount Power will refund your credit balance to you once your account is transferred to Pennywise Power and your final Discount Power bill will show this credit.

Q: I promised to make a past-due payment before a certain date in order to not be disconnected. Is that still in order?
A: Yes. In order to avoid disconnection prior to the transition from Discount Power, you must maintain any previous payment arrangements made with Discount Power. Payment must be made to Discount Power to restore power should your account get disconnected.

Q: Will my account continue on the deferred payment plan I accepted with Discount Power?
A: No. The amount on the deferred payment plan will NOT transfer to Pennywise Power. After your account is transferred from Discount Power, you will receive your last bill from Discount Power, and your entire balance, including the amount that was included in the deferred payment plan, will be due in full at that time. If you have questions about your last bill from Discount Power, please contact us.

Q: I currently receive my bills via email. Will that continue?
A: Yes. Discount Power will transfer your preferred billing method (eBill notification and/or paper billing) with your account information to Pennywise Power.

Q: What will happen to the deposit I paid when I enrolled with Discount Power?
A: For your convenience, Discount Power will transition all deposits, including accrued interest, to Pennywise Power. This means you will NOT have to pay an additional deposit due to the switch. Your deposit will continue to accrue interest and will be returned after 12 consecutive on-time payments.

Q: My contract is coming up for renewal soon – how do I renew my account?
A: We’ve got you covered. This is all part of the Evergreen service, so there is nothing you need to do. Our enrollments team reviews all upcoming renewals, and you will be placed with the best plan available for your electricity usage profile. It might be with a different electricity provider altogether.