Save Time & Money With Evergreen's Electricity Concierge Service

Tired of paying high electricity bills? You've come to the right place.

Research shows that a majority of Texans are overpaying for electricity without realizing it. Why? Because the electricity providers are skilled at making customers think they are getting great deals when they really aren't. Enter Evergreen Power Solutions! On average, we are able to save our members 20-50%+ on their electricity bills!

Try our Z-Bill Valuator below to quickly identify your current electricity rate and see what Evergreen can do for you. Then join the thousands of Texans who benefit from the "Evergreen Way." Our hassle-free, electricity concierge services are designed to always keep our members on great low rate plans so they never overpay for electricity.

See How We Roll

How We Roll

We Compare & Negotiate

We Compare & Negotiate

We take the hassle out of shopping for electricity by comparing thousands of electricity plans and negotiating with electricity companies to properly match your electricity usage profile with the best low rate plan options in the market.

We Monitor & Manage

We Monitor & Manage

Our electricity experts handle everything from negotiating and selecting plans, enrolling, monitoring, and maintaining your electricity account 100% for you. Have a problem or need assistance? No worries, our concierge team will work on your behalf to resolve any issues that may arise.

You Benefit & Save!

You Benefit & Save!

Welcome to the "Evergreen Way"! Our concierge services combined with our technology do a fantastic job of taking care of your electricity account and will always keep you on hassle-free, low-rate electricity plans. By joining Evergreen Power Solutions, you will save time and money!

The Benefits

Hassle Free

You've got better things to do than deal with electricity. We monitor and maintain your electricity account 100% for you. This includes enrolling you with a great plan, monitoring your account, and renewing with another low-rate plan when the current plan is expiring.

Never Overpay

Evergreen takes advantage of the de-regulated electricity marketplace and keeps our members on the best low rate plans so they never overpay for electricity.

Team of Experts

We've been doing this for a long time. If any problems arise, we've got you covered.

The Latest & Greatest Technology

We use a proprietary technology to find and match our members with good electricity plans. No one else does it quite like Evergreen.

Access To Low Rate Plans

We leverage the public electricity marketplace and our industry relationships to get great low-rate electricity plans for our members.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We believe in providing the best possible service for our members. If you ever feel that our service is not of value, you are free to cancel with Evergreen at any time.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • "The thing I like most about Evergreen is that I no longer need to worry about overpaying for electricity. Gone are the days of stressing over researching electricity plans and hoping to get a good deal. Thanks Evergreen!"

    Joe H.
    Dallas, Texas
    Before: $247.86 – After: $158.87
    Avg. Monthly Savings: $88.99
  • "We recently joined Evergreen Power Solutions and the service they gave us was fantastic. They were extremely knowledgeable about the electricity marketplace and made sure that we had a thorough understanding of how everything works. On top of that we are getting great rates and saving every month."

    Claudia H.
    Dallas, Texas
    Before: $204.86 – After: $142.37
    Avg. Monthly Savings: $62.49
  • "Evergreen Power Solutions has been nothing short of professional, efficient, and has delivered as promised - solid integrity. Thank you for helping us save so much money!!"

    Kyle G.
    University Park, TX
  • "I must say that Evergreen’s customer service has been outstanding thus far. In fact, I would give you five stars just for customer service alone."

    Michael W.
    Rockwall, TX
  • "I wanted to thank you for introducing me to evergreen. I have been monitoring my savings over the last year and I am totally sold on Evergreen. As a comparison, I used more electricity this February (469 kwh) than in the same month last year (453 kwh) and yet my bill was $21.28 less (versus $59.95). And this in my lowest usage month! Evergreen is definitely paying for itself."

    Loren M.
    Dallas, TX

Your Personal Electricity Concierge

We work 100% for you and your family. Evergreen does not accept any referral fees or commissions from REPs. We are only interested in negotiating the best deals from the best companies for all Evergreen members. We charge a membership fee of $19.99 per month for our concierge services and you can always trust that we're doing our best to help you save as much time and money as possible.

Who We Are

Evergreen Power Solutions is an electricity concierge that uses a proprietary technology and old-fashioned customer service to find our members great low-rate electricity plans that match their usage profile and keep them from overpaying for electricity. We are located in Dallas, Texas

Thousands of members enjoy Evergreen because we deliver the best deals in the marketplace and are a proven and fantastic value solution for electricity service. We enroll, monitor, manage, and maintain your electricity account 100% for you. The benefit is that you no longer need to worry about overpaying for electricity and also do not need to waste any time trying to manage it yourself.

That’s our job.