Announcement: Discount Power has joined forces with Pennywise Power (U.S. Retailers LLC) | Evergreen Power Solutions

**This announcement is for Evergreen members who have Discount Power as their current electricity service provider. You can also read some common questions and answers about the transition here.

Discount Power has joined forces with Pennywise Power (U.S. Retailers LLC).

Starting in November 2018, your Discount Power electricity account and service will automatically be transitioned to Pennywise Power.  You will receive a final bill from Discount Power and the following month your bills will come from Pennywise Power.

You do not need to do anything – your current contract terms and pricing plan will remain in place and be transitioned to Pennywise Power. Evergreen will manage this transition for you. 

There will be no interruption of power or change in the pricing plan for your service.  All other terms of your contract, including duration, early termination fees, etc. will all stay the same.

You will have a new account number with Pennywise Power, but the plan and contract terms you had are the same as those you had with Discount Power. If you are set up for Autopay, your last payment to Discount Power will be deducted as usual. You will not need to do anything to continue service or to continue billing.

Pennywise Power expects to start using the name Discount Power again beginning in early 2019. In the meantime, Pennywise Power will be your electricity provider, so your next bill will show the brand name and logo of Pennywise Power. However, in early 2019, your bills and all communications will again be under the Discount Power brand name and logo.

We understand that the steps of this transition might sound confusing but want to let you know that the Evergreen customer service team is actively working with Discount Power / Pennywise during this transition to handle any issues or problems that might arise. 

We will keep you updated as more information about the transition is made available to us.


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